Sunday, July 3, 2011

Never Go By the Name!!

Last night we went to a 4th of July celebration and it was really hot!! It was still 93 degrees at 11 o'clock at night when I was stuck trying to get out of the parking garage and morons were honking their horns which of course accomplished nothing but making me extremely ticked off!! But I digress. When we got to the celebration it was called the Taste of Frisco and was supposed to be sponsored by restaurants wanting people to sample their wares. We had planned to have dinner this way. Well, I took one look at the lack of proper heating and cooling elements around the food and said no thanks!! I am not out here trying to get a case of the runs!! So then we walked to a tex-mex restaurant that was down the street. Well, apparently everyone else had the same idea because wait for a table was an hour and twenty minutes. I don't wait that long for food so we went across the street to Best Thai. The wait was only 15 minutes so we decided to eat there (for the first time.) I love foods from other countries and cultures so it wasn't the fact that it was Thai food, it's just that it was bad Thai food. The appetizers were greasy and then I got my entree. I had ordered the lemon grass chicken which turned out to be chicken pieces that had been fried so long they were like little pieces of rubber cement and over that they had dumped bottled sweet chili sauce that completely drowned out any other flavor. It was just bad. My sister, who's Pad Thai was equally revolting said that the restaurant should have been named Worst Thai instead of Best Thai and I had to agree. We enjoyed the fireworks afterwards but my son was left with a little reminder because he started having gastrointestinal problems about 3:00 this morning and is still having them 12 hours later. So who knows, maybe we should have stuck with the Taste of Frisco food stands, it couldn't have turned out much worse. Poor Alec.

Lemon grass chicken, the way it is supposed to look!!

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  1. So sorry about your bad thai food, that is horrible. I hope your son feels better. My husband had food poisoning last year, it was hell for 2 days. This was a restaurant we had gone to tons and tons of times too, we're afraid to ever go back now. Bad food can be such a bummer, especially if it makes you sick.

    I hope your next Thai experience is a good one. Happy 4th...