Monday, June 27, 2011

Aging Teenyboppers

Okay, so yesterday my sister took me to the New Kids on the Block Backstreet Boys concert. She paid for my ticket so I would accompany her. It just inspired some nostalgia because I took her to her first concert when she was 10 and I was 20 (NewKidsontheBlock) and now she is taking me. She was hugely pregnant which cracked me up and is a mom to Miss Poopsie my beloved 2 yr old niece and I am the mom to a 15 yr old lunkhead son and an angel who will permanently be 6 3/4. I have never been to a concert before that was all women (and a few gay guys) and I mean WOMEN! They were all around my age or a little younger and were acting like they were tweens or teenagers screaming and jumping up and down. Some had designed tshirts and some were holding signs saying I love.......(insert boyband member's name). I was thinking are you serious? Do you realize how ridiculous you look at your age? A lot had fashioned 80's retro outfits or were straight out of Flashdance and I was beginning to wish I had gotten the memo because I felt out of place in my tshirt and jeans. It's amazing how many words you remember to songs that your sister played endlessly 20 and 12 years ago. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. We had pretty good seats which were right underneath the suites and close enough to their aging grizzle faces that I needed to get. Just kidding, they actually looked pretty good for their ages. A mom had brought her 9 yr old daughter across the aisle from us and she looked totally bored. I thought why would you spend 90 bucks to bring a nine year old to a concert that she doesn't have the least bit of interest in? If I wanted to see it that badly I would go by myself. Or bribe my sister. : )

The stage and runway.

All of the "boys" rising up at the beginning.

Jordan, my sister's favorite singing her favorite song, " I'll be loving you forever".


  1. That's great! Agree about the whole 9yr old thing. Sounds like you had a good memorable time with your sister.

  2. Backstreet's Back - Alright! LOVE me some Backstreet Boys! I would have LOVED to have seen them! Good for you and your sis!

  3. haha That's awesome. I'm hopping as a Hot Momma tonight! Come visit follow me back at!