Monday, June 27, 2011

Aging Teenyboppers

Okay, so yesterday my sister took me to the New Kids on the Block Backstreet Boys concert. She paid for my ticket so I would accompany her. It just inspired some nostalgia because I took her to her first concert when she was 10 and I was 20 (NewKidsontheBlock) and now she is taking me. She was hugely pregnant which cracked me up and is a mom to Miss Poopsie my beloved 2 yr old niece and I am the mom to a 15 yr old lunkhead son and an angel who will permanently be 6 3/4. I have never been to a concert before that was all women (and a few gay guys) and I mean WOMEN! They were all around my age or a little younger and were acting like they were tweens or teenagers screaming and jumping up and down. Some had designed tshirts and some were holding signs saying I love.......(insert boyband member's name). I was thinking are you serious? Do you realize how ridiculous you look at your age? A lot had fashioned 80's retro outfits or were straight out of Flashdance and I was beginning to wish I had gotten the memo because I felt out of place in my tshirt and jeans. It's amazing how many words you remember to songs that your sister played endlessly 20 and 12 years ago. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. We had pretty good seats which were right underneath the suites and close enough to their aging grizzle faces that I needed to get. Just kidding, they actually looked pretty good for their ages. A mom had brought her 9 yr old daughter across the aisle from us and she looked totally bored. I thought why would you spend 90 bucks to bring a nine year old to a concert that she doesn't have the least bit of interest in? If I wanted to see it that badly I would go by myself. Or bribe my sister. : )

The stage and runway.

All of the "boys" rising up at the beginning.

Jordan, my sister's favorite singing her favorite song, " I'll be loving you forever".

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My son and my team

Two great things happened for me in the past month: my son turned 15 and I joined the best team on Etsy. Oh, make that three things. I reached my 200th sale on Etsy too. I joined the Threadkillers team because I recognized the names of some of the people in an incredibly funny thread that happened a couple of months ago and it has turned out to be a wonderful experience. Everyone is so nice and supportive of each other I feel like I have found real friends. I just love it. Now my son turning 15 is great because it means in another year I can kick him out and make him find a job during the summer which would mean no more whining about he is bored. Do all teenage boys have such rotten breath when they wake up (at 12:30 in the afternoon)? I swear I will kill him because he is deliberately breathing on me right now. Well I just wanted to make my first non business post and now I have to go to the grocery store to get stuff for his birthday cookout. I hate going to the grocery store on the weekend but I do not have room in my fridge for all the stuff I will need. Alec I love you but if you don't go brush your teeth you will permanently stay 15!!!!

Here is Alec when we went to Round Rock Donuts to see the largest donut that was featured on Man Vs. Food. He actually tried to eat the whole thing and then felt sick. I thought he should learn the lesson that he can't keep up with the Man vs. Food man the hard way. : )

Alec and his big donut.