Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not Bad Thai Food!!

Okay for all those interested and those who are not as well, I just thought I would mention that my son's gastrointestinal issues are not the result of the bad thai food as I previously thought. Yes, the food was bad but it wasn't the reason that he has spent the past four days on the toilet. He has some sort of intestinal bug which as usual he has managed to pass to me. Why is it whenever he gets ill he always passes it on to me?!! I know that a teenage boy's hygiene is questionable at best but I always wash my hands. Very frequently in fact, a habit that I picked up when my younger son was immune deficient from the chemo. And when Alec has a bug I always bleach spray sink handles, door handles, and toilet handles just to be safe. But I still catch it!! The only thing I haven't contracted from him is when my husband came home with pink eye and gave it to our son. I said there is no way I am going to catch that gross stuff from Mr. Goober eye and goober eye jr. Yick! I wore rubber gloves the whole time and didn't rub my eyes for a week. Extreme? Maybe, but it worked. I also learned this week that the BRAT diet (bananas, apples, rice, and toast) that all the pediatricians recommended when my boys were little, that I used every time they had loose bowels is all a load of bunk. Here is what I read:

Nutritional analysis

The diet is no longer recommended for most patients .[3] The American Academy of Pediatrics states that most children should continue a normal, age appropriate diet. The foods from the BRAT diet may be added, but should not replace normal, tolerated foods. Sugary drinks and carbonated beverages should be avoided.[citation needed] BRAT is nutritionally incomplete and may be deficient in energy, fat, protein, fiber, some vitamins and calcium. Cultured foods, rice water, coconut water and soluble fiber foods/supplements are more effective at treating ongoing diarrhea in conjunction with tolerated foods and beverages.

I seriously wish they would make up their minds. Now something they had been pushing for years is not a good idea. Well that is just great!!
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